The Space Pirates Barban (宇宙海賊バルバン Uchū Kaizoku Baruban?) are a group of fictional pirates and the primary antagonists in the Super Sentai series, Seijuu Sentai Gingaman who have destroyed many planets along the Milky Way. Their base of operations are the Rowdy Invincible Castle (荒くれ無敵城 Arakure Mutekijō?), which is mounted on the back of Daitanix. They once tried to invade Earth but the first generation of Gingaman and the Starbeasts sealed them in the bottom of the sea. Three thousand years later, an earthquake broke the seal and Barban was released, with plans of awakening Daitanix in our time. Its four great armies plot various strategies to achieve it.

Main CrewEdit

The Barban Amy GeneralsEdit

Four of the strongest Majins, they each lead one of Zahab's four armies. Duo to quarrels in the past that caused them to be sealed away Zahad has only one General form a plan at a time.

Demon BeastsEdit