The Majin (魔人 Majin?) are criminals and mercernaries who, drawn by the evil energy of Daitanix, are recruited by Barban. They are divided in four armies depending on their home galaxy and the strongest member of each is appointed General. These four armies tend to fight with each other, being this one of the reasons of their defeat against Gingaman 3,000 years earlier. Knowing this, Zahab decides that this time the plans would be executed by one army at the time, avoiding inner conflicts. When defeated, the majin will draw a bottle (its design depends on the army the majin belongs to) containing Barba-X (バルバエキス Baruba Ekisu?), a potion that enlarges them, but that also shortens their life, making Barba-X a last resort in battle. Many of them are revived and killed by the MegaRangers & the Gingaman in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman vs. Megaranger.

Sambash Majin GangEdit

The Sambash Majin Gang (サンバッシュ魔人団 Sanbasshu Majin Dan?) are bug-based Majin that dress in leather, like biker punks. They're the first army to fight. Their primary objective is find a way to revive Daitanix. Their Baruba-X container is a liquor bottle. and their symbol is a wing pin.

Budoh Majin MobEdit

The Budoh Majin Mob (ブドー魔人衆 Budō Majin Shū?) are marine creature-based Majin in feudal Japanese attire. They begin activities after Sambash reveals the existence of the Galaxy Lights and their mission is to find them. After having been defeated by the Gingamen, the Budoh majin draw the Baruba-X and "pay their last service". Their Baruba-X container is a hyoutan, a gourd-like container and their symbol i a diamond-shaped image of a sunrise.

Iliess Majin TribeEdit

The Iliess Majin Tribe (イリエス魔人族 Iriesu Majin Zoku?) are the phantom beast Majin based on different entities from various mythologies. They enter in action after Iliess sets up Budoh, who failed in retrieving the Galaxy Lights. Their mission is to find another way to revive Daitanix now that they cannot use the Galaxy Lights. Their Baruba-X container was a boot-like vial and their symbol is an Egyptian-looking eye.

Battobas Majin CorpsEdit

The Battobas Majin Corps (バットバス魔人部隊 Battobasu Majin Butai?) are machine/ weapon-based Majin. They follow after the Iliess Majin Tribe. Having used Iliess' power to revive Daitanix, the Battobas Army now seek to fully awaken it. Their Baruba-X container is an ale barrel and their symbol is a stylized anchor.